Many desk jockeys find themselves with terrible back-pain but have no idea what is causing it.

We see this occur with sedentary people or those spending long periods of time working at a desk.

When sitting at a desk for hours on end you may be causing micro-injuries to your tissues without even being aware of it.

To combat these micro-injuries, we recommend taking micro-breaks.


Are you taking micro-breaks throughout the day?

A microbreak consists of a very short stretch or series of exercises performed every hour.

One of the easiest ways to protect desk jockeys from back pain is to take a series of micro-breaks throughout the day.

Microbreaks are to be so short that it doesn’t interrupt your day or workflow, but they do get your body moving. Being completely sedentary is one of the worst things we do to our bodies.

We were designed to move and move frequently. Unfortunately, in today’s computer-based society this is not always a reasonable thing to do. Instead, try taking these microbreaks. 

When you're spending hours at your workstation, micro breaks should be part of your daily routine.

Here are a few ideas for making breaks a part of the workday:

  • Move the printer to an area that requires you to stand up and walk to get a printout.

  • Stand up when talking on the phone (the use of a stand-up desk is also helpful)

  • Go to the restroom or get a cup of coffee/water (frequently; remember the glass of water every hour)

  • Break up continuous computer time with tasks such as checking phone messages, reading reports, etc.

We recommend setting a timer or a notification on your phone to pause what you're doing and take a micro-break.

They are simple, only take a few minutes but they can save you from long-term injury.

One example is a simple neck stretch. Below you can download a card to keep beside your desk that gives some proven exercises during your micro-break.

Download The Micro Break Card

Transform The The Way You Feel At Work

In this helpful guide you'll find:

  • 2 neck stretches to help your neck feel great
  • The posture reset drill to improve how you feel when you sit
  • Standing back extensions
  • Standing hamstring stretch to improve leg function and mobility

Make sure to implement these micro-breaks every 60 minutes.

Download The Resource

Make micro-breaks a part of your everyday routine.

Watch your blood flow, keep your muscles firing and watch your back pain decrease.

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