The key to injury prevention for the spine is to avoid improper positioning and movements that will cause undue stress.

The Sternum Up, Power Zone and Abdominal Bracing will keep the spine in neutral, allow for proper bending at the hips and protect the spine.

Here are some easy fixes you can implement into your activities of daily living to make them habits for healthy living.


Sternum Up

Keeping the sternum up automatically sets the body into good posture and maintains:

  1. Neutral Spine: Maintaining good spinal alignment decreases the stress placed on the spine and discs.
  2. Hip Hinging: Bending at the hips, and not the low back, decreases the stress placed on the low back and increases strength & power.

Power Zone

The zone that will optimize lifting strength and injury reduction.

Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle and you are in the “Primary Power Zone”

Important points to note:

  • The area up to the shoulders and down to the hips is acceptable.
  • The more you can work in the “power zone” the less fatigue on your body

Abdominal Bracing

When all of your core muscles work together, a “Super Stiffness” occurs, and all 3 layers of the abdominal wall are activated to protect and stabilize the spine and discs.

Without bending forward, contract the abdominal muscles (like you are about the get punched in your gut – feel them tighten with one hand) and the buttock muscles (as if you are holding in a bowel movement). You will feel the lower back muscles contract (with the other hand) when you contract your abs and buttocks.

Here's A Resource You Can Print Off As A Guide

The Body Preparation And Positioning Card

Download the Resource

Keeping these principles as your daily habits protects you from injury.

We want a community of strong, healthy backs. It takes a commitment to maintain awareness all throughout the day.

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